How to apply flat roof sealant

A flat roof safeguards your house from pooling water. In fact, a lot of homeowners prefer this type of roofing to save time cleaning and removing stock water especially during the rainy season. Adding a roof sealant prevents the water moisture from entering the building or home. So if you do not know how to apply flat roof sealant, here are some tips you can follow.

Clean your roof

Before applying a flat roof sealant, make sure your roof is clean. Remove all debris and unnecessary trash on the roof using a push broom. Dispose them into the trash can or use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. If you don’t clean before applying a flat roof sealant the latter cannot effectively stick onto the roof causing issues in the beginning of the project.

Pick the correct flat roof coating

Choose a flat roof correctly. Be aware that there are thousands of different flat roof coatings available in the market. A rubber membrane is easy to install because it is cheaper and normally outlasts any product.  A liquid flat roof coating is not quite a good option because it has some leaks. If you are located in a cold area, make sure you buy a flat coating that can withstand cold weather conditions.

Apply the liquid coating

After cleaning the flat room, you can start applying the liquid coating. Also read the label of the coating to know which direction you need to apply the liquid. This is very important to dry the paint faster. You can begin in one corner of the roof and accomplish one section first before proceeding to the rest of the flat roof. Apply in a small section until done.

Install the rubber membrane

Make sure you install the rubber membrane. This will cover leaks and prevent water from dripping through the roofing. Use a tape measure to get the suitable size and lay it on the roof, making sure each edge is covered.  You can use a tape to seal the seams and continue until all parts of the roof are covered. Once all of the parts are covered, your roof is entirely sealed and ready for the rainy season.

Applying flat roof seal can be a daunting task. If you don’t know how to apply a flat roof sealant, it is best to contact someone who can help you with it. Approaching a correct company will also help you avoid dangers and liabilities arising from this job.