Coating and Sealing a Flat Roof

Get the job done right the first time

Carefully consider the difficulty of DIY flat roof repair. If you have any doubt, we recommend you contact a professional roofer or painter in your area. This is one of those tasks that you really want to be sure to get the job done right the first time. Often trying to attempt a complicated job can result in what looks like victory, but can result in more problems down the road and may even end up costing a lot more money.

For flat roofing, get the job done right by consulting a professional with expertise and experience. We recommend APR roofing in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Regular Maintenance

Flat roofs require regular maintenance by cleaning the debris that may build up and clog roof drainage. In Arizona, the blazing heat can cause the sealing compound to break down over time.  We recommend you get it resealed and recoated every time you paint the exterior, which should be about every 5-7 years.  We recommend BGB Painting ( for their expertise in exterior painting.

How we do it

  1. First, sweep all the dirt and debris off the surface.  It is important to ensure you have a clean surface for roofing cement to stick to properly.
  2. Next, cut around any areas that are cracked or peeling and remove the bad sections. Be sure to make your shapes either squares or rectangles. It makes it easier to keep them uniform and easier to replace with new materials.
  3. Try to take that cut-out piece and use it to measure a new piece of shingle or roofing material. You will want to ensure that cement or putty around the edges is adequate to keep a watertight seal. Flat tops on buildings can allow standing water if there is not proper drainage (yes, even in Arizona if only for a couple of days).  So, you don’t ant to allow the water to have a place where it can seep in and cause more damage in the long run. Patch a full layer of cement seal to ensure all edges are tightened down.

Follow these tips to properly seal your flat roof and it should last as long as the house.