Tips for DIY Tile Roof Repair

Tile roof repairs can be a very challenging activity to carry out. By avoiding some common mistakes, you’ll achieve success in repairing your tile roof.

Replacement Tiles

As challenging as tile roof repair can be, you can still find it easy to take a faster route and worry less about the tile you are replacing another with. You should know it has to be the same type of tile and the same color as well. If you ignore these conditions, then you’ll be left with nothing but a clumsy-looking tile among many other tiles. Not only will the roof look bad, it may as well not click properly into the right place with other tiles.

Make Sure You Get a New Tile

Some people will tell you to take a tile from the less visible area of your roof to replace the damaged one. DON’T DO THIS! Let me reiterate- under no circumstance should you this. Doing this will only leave that “less visible” part of the roof exposed, which is why we recommend you keep about ten tiles in the garage is a good idea. So, when you have a damaged tile, all you have to do is remove the damaged one and slot in the new one. Voila!

Be Careful

Removing a tile out of its position may be challenging. This is where using a crowbar comes in. However; it is important to do this carefully because if you don’t, you may end up damaging another tile or even cause tiles to fly across other parts of the roof.

Do Not Assume

For you to have a broken tile(s), there is definitely a reason for this. It may be caused by the weather or an error when the roof was being fixed from the onset. Do not assume the broken or damaged tile is a one-off. Make sure you check other tiles around the damaged tile as this could make you aware of any problem you have to deal with.

Watch Your Step!

Replacing the tile yourself will most likely make you become single-minded. Meaning- you will only be focused on changing the broken tile forgetting other important roof-related factors. Some tiles may be a little difficult to reach; you should try as much as possible not to directly put your weight on a tile because it will put too much pressure on the tile which may cause it to break.